The Team


Comprised of proactive, resourceful and skilled individuals, The Kalt Group has assembled a highly qualified team of professionals committed to providing quality service.


Paul Kalt is President and Co-Founder of The Kalt Group. His expertise lies in the construction of exclusive property in Southern California which the foundation of the company is built upon. He envisioned bringing the same level of craftsmanship to a wide range of business ventures including; large-scale city developments, commercial real estate, elegant new restaurants, luxurious boutique hotels, and innovative products spread across various industries. Paul hand-selected and assembled a qualified team to achieve his goal, and today Paul's vision for The Kalt Group is a thriving reality.

Paul Kalt

A Co-Founder of The Kalt Group, Connie Kalt-Marco brings her professional knowledge and experience as a Licensed Real Estate Broker to the firm. Later in life, Connie also received her license to practice Marriage and Family Therapy (M.F.T.). Her passion lies within the family business, learning first-hand from the founding Kalt generation. As the senior child of Sam and Ilona Kalt, Connie is integral to continuing the Kalt legacy.

Connie Kalt-Marco

Co-Founder of The Kalt Group, Michele brings her gregarious personality and expansive network of successful men and women to the firm's doorstep. Michele is a Licensed Cardiologist by trade, yet her vivacious personality has connected The Kalt Group with key city officials, investors, and numerous clients.

Michele Kalt

Office Administration

The Kalt Group stumbled upon an incredible fortune when Ina joined in 2006 as Office Administrator. Ina enjoys accommodating the needs of tenants and her affable personality provides them with the reassurance that any concerns they have will be addressed in a timely manner. Ina prides herself on establishing excellent communication and quality rapport with all tenants. She believes this is vital in maximizing their experience as residents within any property that is managed by The Kalt Group.

Office Administrator

As Director of Operations, Dustin explores strategic business opportunities and secures stable partnerships for The Kalt Group. In addition to applying his sophisticated business acumen to assess all ventures with strict analysis, Dustin also implements successful tactical business plans for high risk/reward endeavors. Many of which yield incredible results for The Kalt Group.

Director of Operations

Nara has been the with The Kalt Group since 1996 as an in-house Accountant. She takes an extraordinary amount of pride in the details of her work. Every spreadsheet is aesthetically pleasing and carefully calculated. Thus ensuring that investing and banking partners are continuously updated with a well-organized and easy to comprehend relationship with fund management. Nara has played a vital role in building The Kalt Group, and remains a key player in its continued success.


Danielle implements her skills in graphic design and composition to provide The Kalt Group with elegant marketing materials that align with the mission of each new business venture pursued. Danielle is strategically organized, highly efficient, and maintains the professional appearance that The Kalt Group affiliates are accustomed to. Additionally, Danielle focuses on The Kalt Group remaining a progressive and relevant presence within today's dynamic marketplace.

Creative Developer


Hector has been working with The Kalt Group since 2006. He is a general contractor with 35+ years of professional experience in the field of heavy construction. He is responsible for successful completion of projects in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Structural Specialist

Rental Agents

JR is a licensed Realtor who has a firm belief about the foundation of a client/agent relationship. This belief has been developed and refined throughout his years of working within this customer service based industry. JR believes that the two parties must operate as a unified front throughout the entire process, maintaining honest and open communication at all times. JR is confident that with this in place, all parties involved will be heard and will feel like a successful partnership has been established, regardless of the outcome.

Rental Agent

Sean is a licensed Realtor and an impressive rental agent. He delves deep into the desires and necessities of his clients. Sean expedites the search of qualified and considerate individuals, which ensures that vacancies are occupied with highly desirable tenants. He advises prospective tenants to visualize their current furniture and design style when entering into a new space.

Rental Agent

Maintenance Personnel

David has been an integral part of the company since 2001. It was apparent from the beginning that he possessed leadership capabilities and swiftly rose to hold the esteemed position of Supervisor. Throughout the years, David has developed immense knowledge and experience is his field, and now is the point person for all maintenance/repair issues and work that is carried out on a daily basis. David organizes his team efficiently and is greatly respected and appreciated by his coworkers, tenants and Executives. The Kalt Group is incredibly fortunate to have a devoted individual representing the company.

Maintenance Director

Manny began his employment at The Kalt Group in 2001. From the start he has shown a strong desire to enhance his knowledge of the industry, which led to his ascension within the organization. Currently, Manny is one of the finest associates and enjoys teaching new employees the skills he spent years learning and perfecting.

Field Operations Manager

Luis has been a loyal and an invariable component within The Kalt Group since 1995. Over the years, he has developed relationships with countless new and long-term tenants. Luis executes his assignments with professionalism and efficiency and he is often requested by name.

Repair Technician

Josue is typically called upon by his associates when a challenging repair arises. He demonstrates eagerness to tackle all situations, whether extensive work is required, or not. Since 2012, Josue has been contributing his abilities and unique perspective to The Kalt Group as a genuinely appreciated member of the team.

Improvement Specialist

Melvin joined The Kalt Group in 2015, and is already a highly regarded member of the team. Melvin excels at thoroughly completing all necessary work within units. He is committed to providing tenants with a comfortable living environment and takes pleasure in his participation of creating that reality for them.

Skilled Maintenance Aide

With years of experience in his industry, Armando has provided The Kalt Group skilled plumbing services for both commercial and residential needs since 1998. He is committed to delivering the highest quality of service using superior materials.

Lead Plumbing Technician

Since 2014, Juan has elected to contribute his creative vision and talents to The Kalt Group. His individualistic interpretation of contemporary design elements juxtaposed with classic design elements yield exceptional work. Juan manipulates various materials, such as metal and wood to achieve his distinctive and durable designs.

Master Craftsman