Dining Establishments

The Kalt Group has extended its management services into the restaurant industry.  They supervise daily restaurant operations, such as food and alcohol inventory management, strategic social media marketing, employee training, bookkeeping, and the compliance of all city mandated legal codes and documentation. The Kalt Group also oversees the recruitment and hiring of:

  • Highly-skilled chefs to ensure the most presentable and delectable menu selections.
  • Experienced General Managers to maintain a well-organized and smoothly operated system.
  • Innovative interior designers to create a welcoming atmosphere and distinct ambiance.
  • Motivated and pleasant staff to provide the finest customer dining experience.


The Kalt Group passionately believes that every business must focus on growth and expansion in order to prosper and maintain relevancy in the current market. Thus, The Kalt Group is consistently seeking new investment opportunities in both traditional and newly emerging industries.

A calculated assessment process is utilized and administered to each individual concept that is presented. In the event a concept has caught an executive’s attention, standard procedures will be followed in order to attain a collaborative vote of approval from the remaining executives.